BernHardt is quite aware of overall development of each student. Once students enroll in this institution, they become the names and not numbers on the eyes of college. This is the reflection that BernHardt perceives towards its students.


The college has got State-of-the-art computer, physics, hardware, digital labs for easy and free broadband internet enhance the deep learning of the technology.


To enhance efficient and holistic teaching/ learning process, the college has a Library along with course books, reference books, Journals, famous literary books etc.

Sports/ Playground 

Besides sound and continual learning, BernHardt encourages students to spend some of their time away from textual world on different extra curricular activities, too. The college organizes Sports Week, Intra and Inter College Sports Tourney which help students to facilitate them to know their friends of different streams and batches so that they can spend memorable and quality time together.


The college owns an independent spacious cafeteria where our students can get the hot and hygienic brunch during the Interval in the cafeteria also adds students’ attractions.


The college provides the facility of Transportation for the convenience of the students in specific location. For further details, please contact Transportation Department.