College Facilities
Jun 25, 2022
Bernhardt College

Studying in BernHardt is an opportunity to get one of the best education in the country. Besides advanced and creative teaching learning environment, BernHardt also emphasizes on the facilities provided to the students. We believe that physical facilities equally play decisive role to achieve the expected goals. As physical infrastructure directly impacts the overall performance of the students, it has never been our secondary concern. Considering the direct relationship between school infrastructure and educational performance, we have put enough effort to ensure favorable and comfortable learning environment in our school by providing well maintained facilities to our students.

Transportation: Transportation is an important facility that makes students’ life comfortable and easy. Students come from different locations and using public vehicles is not easy. So, BernHardt has provided transportation facilities to students and staff, so that they will save both energy and time.

Science Lab: Hands-on experiences are an integral part of science education. So, BernHardt has set up laboratories for practical classes (Physics, Chemistry and Biology). We have well-designed and advanced laboratories so that students can actively participate in learning. Our laboratories provide necessary exposure to processes, materials, and equipment related to their study.

Computer Lab: Technology plays a critical role in today’s world. To make students techno-friendly, access to proper device is important.  Our computer labs address this and facilitate the students to gain knowledge and learn new skills related to technology. Our advanced computer labs with fast wifi enable students to learn without any hassle and disturbance.

Library: Books are the important source of knowledge. Even in adigital world, there is no replacement for books. So, library is an indispensible facility for every educational institution. BernHardt has a well managed resourceful library where students can get all kinds of books, newspaper, magazines, journals and so on. The library also provides quiet environment for students to focus on their studies.

Cafeteria: We have spacious and well maintained cafeteria that provides fresh and hygienic breakfast/lunch to the students and staff at reasonable prices. Proper nutrition and healthy eating practice is always the core principal of our cafeteria service. We always make sure that our students and staff are well fed and properly hydrated.

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