Pre-Primary Wings
Feb 10, 2023
Bernhardt College

Kathmandu BernHardt School is a modern English co-educational institution with a long history of providing values-based education that spans a 22-year educational journey. The Bernhardt School is operated by the Kathmandu Bernhardt Education Foundation, managed by the Bernhardt team, and mentored by prominent educators and personalities with national and international exposure. To maintain its illustrious and proud reputation, our school is flexible and actively incorporates modern educational principles and practices. We introduce innovative teaching and learning methods that maintain a student-friendly environment with enhanced extra-curricular activities that emphasize competency-based education.

With a proven strategy, the BernHardt team is delighted and excited to become one of Nepal’s leading educational institutions. BernHardt School is proud to recently introduce a Pre-Primary School. Classes from Playgroup, Nursey, LKG, and UKG are being smoothly conducted on Pre- Primary wing. Children Aged 2-5 years can enjoy classes in this wing. Keeping our main motto always in mind, our team intends to provide quality education. We always keep an eye on the overall growth of each student to become a future creative professional. Every child is born with a unique potential for intelligence that varies according to their learning style. We continually explore the opportunities that matter to each individual through our active and participatory approach to learning. BernHardt School respects all talent and enables students to realize their true potential. We are always interested in each student’s performance in order to predict effective results in specific areas and subjects.

 Few Features:

  • A team of Qualified and experienced Pre-School Teachers
  • A small number of Students in each class
  • Plenty of Games and outdoor activities for Kids
  • Constructive interactions between parents and teachers through Parent-Teacher Conferences (PTC)
  • Kids-Focused teaching pedagogy; and a multicultural co-educational system.


We are the trustees who are accountable for the millennials’ overall development. We believe that learning should be fun, so we provide a wide range of cultural, physical, traditional, and social awareness with zonal activities to our students. We are committed to developing classroom activities and child-centered teaching methods that allow children to learn without fear and with fun. It also provides a practical platform for applying the knowledge gained in class. Our assessment is based on a variety of classroom activities, assignments, project work, attendance, coursework, unit tests, club activities, and semester exams.

In light of the current situation, we have implemented strict measures to ensure the safety of your child, such as restricting outsiders’ access to the school’s grounds, maintaining 24-hour CCTV surveillance, and ensuring the presence of female teachers in junior classes. Additionally, our school implements a no-touch policy.

We appreciate the continued support and cooperation from guardians and stakeholders of BernHardt School.

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