Aug 4, 2022
Bernhardt College

We are pleased to inform you that the Great Entrance Test held on Shrawan 19, 2079 has been concluded successfully and result has been published.

In order to reserve your place, you are required to attend the interview on the following date in your convenient time.

Interview date and time

  • Friday,  Shrawan 20, 2079 (7 AM to 5 PM)-in your preferable time
  • Saturday, Shrawan 21, 2079 (7 AM  to 5 PM) – in your preferable time
  • Sunday, Shrawan 22, 2079 (7 AM to 5 PM) – in your preferable time


Please note that you will bring and submit the following necessary documents (if you have not submitted earlier) while coming in the interview along with your parents/guardians:

  • Two PP size photos
  • Grade Sheet (downloaded)

We look forward to having you at our college this upcoming academic year.

Admission Acceptance Letter for Grade XI for Website

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