Why BernHardt
Aug 29, 2022
Bernhardt College

BernHardt is a community in its own as it comprises of highly experienced and committed educators, dedicated management, collaborators and staff managed carefully. Students will find the College environment inspiring and motivating to excel in life.

The fundamental purpose of the College’s existence is to work towards producing strong-minded individuals who the world will cherish for their fine virtues and ideas. Our learning environment is energetic and inspiring. All lessons are creative, experiential and stimulating. Education at BernHardt helps build a foundation for lifelong learning. It is based on the fundamental principles of life: courage, confidence, discipline, accountability, honesty, loyalty, and integrity. Our curriculum instils in students a passion for learning and encourages them to explore and expand their horizons.

The academic journey is only a single component of the BernHardt experience. The College has numerous extra-curricular activities that allow students to explore and experiment with their interests and passions.  We encourage students to critically reflect upon themselves, their communities and society they live in. We teach them the importance and value of giving back in an effort to create compassionate and socially responsible students. Therefore, our mission is to encourage students to strive for excellence, inspire them to become compassionate, be confident enough to step outside of their comfort zones and take upon risks and challenges that will help them grow. We also ensure that they are responsible not only towards society but also towards the environment. Through all this, we are working towards the transformation of our students to become leaders who will serve society.

The ultimate objective of Bernhardt is to help our students grow as individuals and become compassionate and selfless global citizen. We do this by developing plans and programs to work towards developing our students who are academically excellent, morally upright, spiritually wise, socially and environmentally responsible, and emotionally healthy.

The Bernhardt journey that you are about to embark with us is special. All of our students are encouraged to maximize their time here by exploring themselves, their interests and striving to become a transformed human being. In addition to being academically outstanding, they are also capable of leading and becoming leaders in their fields.

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