Why BernHardt
Sep 15, 2022
Bernhardt College

In honor of the new students of Grade XI; Science and Management faculties, BernHardt is pleased to announce its spectacular “Welcome Program”. The science faculty program was held on 9th September, 2022, and the management faculty program was held on 10th September, 2022. Approximately 2000 new students attended the program.

In addition to being the founder principal and director of BernHardt, Mr. KB Maharjan was the chief guest of the program. Our Chief Guest also conducted a “Tie handover” program for our newly appointed Class Captains and Deputy Captains.

After the “Tie Handover” ceremony, the new students, class captains, and deputy captains took part in an oath ceremony conducted by our principal, Mr. Amrit Babu Bhatta. Prof. Dr. Narayan Prasad Chapagain, Chief Advisor of Kathmandu BernHardt School and College, delivered the welcome address. During the program, BernHardt College’s Managing Director, Mr. Nabaraj Adhikari, and Executive Director, Mr. Purusottam Bista were also present. Mr. Bhupesh Chhatkuli, chairman of the School Management Committee, presided over the event. In order to lighten the mood, the organizers organized various cultural programs, songs, poetry recitals, and drama acts. In addition to the students, some teachers also performed heartfelt performances during the events.

After all the formal and informal part of the event, a prize distribution ceremony was held where students were awarded prizes for participating and winning various extracurricular activities, which were distributed by our chief guest along with all dignitaries. Students from the Science and Management faculties organized and managed the entire event.

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