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BernHardt is a unique institution designed to disseminate quality education to students. Enriched with nearly three decade of experiences in the field of education beginning right from school level to Bachelor level with wonderful and meaningful contribution to the society have proven it as a centre of educational excellence as well as one of the foremost education institutions in Kathmandu. Considering education as a life time investment, BernHardt is dedicated to provide management, humanities, and science & technology education with its pedagogy of mixing university syllabus with modern technology

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BernHardt College is not an other College

The word BernHardt implies resoluteness of spirit, to exert oneself determinedly or to forge ahead- a quality we expect in all our students to possess.

Deependra Thapa - JumlaDeependra Thapa - JumlaBatch 2079 XII

Deependra Thapa - Jumla

As a member of BernHardt College family, I have gained and experienced many things from this college. This college is one of the best colleges in my view. BernHardt has helped me boost my confidence to next level. I am proud to be a BernHardtian.

Sakhuawa Rautahat - Dhirendra JaiswalSakhuawa Rautahat - Dhirendra JaiswalBatch 2079 XII

When I was first admitted in this college, I never thought I would improve myself this much. After 2 years of studying here, I realized that there aren’t any colleges that would offer me the right guidance that BernHardt provided me to improve my self-esteem, knowledge and leadership skills. I am really very grateful to BernHardt College. Being admitted and studying in this college has been one of my best decisions.

Nirvika Rijal - Kathmandu, MatatirthaNirvika Rijal - Kathmandu, MatatirthaBatch 2079 XII

I am glad to be a part of BernHardt College. It helped me to become the best version of myself. The quotes “You are a name, not a number”, has really been applied. I personally feel that I have received all the support, love and care that I can get. I am going to miss everything about BernHardt!

Rumani AdhikariRumani AdhikariBatch 2073 XII

Bernhardt was more than a college…

Bernhardt was more than a college, it was a family.In my years here I had the greatest time ever and made some of the best friends a person could have.All of the teachers were AMAZING!!!!
Suman NepalSuman NepalMIT, USA Scholar, HSEB Board Topper 2070

True Meaning of learning........

True Meaning of learning for life since its beginning BernHardt College has been in the choice of many brilliant students and mine too. It was my first choice during the time of my admission and I feel proud to share with others. It has bridged my school life to my adulthood in such a way that none others would possibly have done. The well experienced and professional teaching faculty have the full credit for what I stand at present. The well-rounded education in this college helped me to stand out as a responsible citizen in the society. ...
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