Year by year our inspiring and talented Alumni community is increasing as hundreds of students graduate from BernHardt every year and become the member of our Alumni community. As a BernHardt Alumni, you have lifelong access to events, programs, facilities, opportunities and benefits that BernHardt has to offer. Our Alumni have always added up the bricks of success in building the name of BernHardt. You can see the growing network of BernHardt Alumni scattered around the globe, becoming leaders, influencers, high achievers in their respective fields. We highly encourage our Alumni to never break the link among the fellow graduates and us, which helps to build strong networks and enjoy the benefits including lifelong personal and professional learning and development
opportunities. We are really proud of all our grads and alumni and we hope to continuously expand and inspire the Alumni community and stay connected through various fruitful events and programs to grow together.

  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to Alumni events and programs
  • Career counselling services
  • Lifelong access to the library
  • Participation in volunteer activities
  • Helping prospective and current students
  • Learning opportunities

Keep an eye on this page as we continue to grow and expand our Alumni offerings.
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