Kathmandu BernHardt Secondary School is an English medium, co-educational secondary school with a long history of imparting value-based education. The school has already completed more than two decades on its educational journey from its earlier introduction as Tarapunj Vidya Mandir, established in 1985. Maintaining its glorious and proud recognition, the school underwent a time-required transformation to accommodate the modern progressive paradigm of education into its educational philosophies. It streamlined its educational journey from 2000 to Kathmandu BernHardt Secondary School. The school adds innovative teaching and learning methods into the national curriculum and maintains a student-friendly environment with enriched co-curricular activities, equally emphasizing life skill education.

The school is operated as a sister organization under Kathmandu BernHardt Education Foundation led by BernHardt Team, which includes the finest educationists and renowned personalities in the national and international educational arena with more than 30 years of academic exposure in different capacities. With the strategic coping of many ups and downs along with numerous tests and trials, BernHardt Team is proud to present one of the foremost education institutions in the nation, a model of a city school – Kathmandu BernHardt Secondary School.

The BernHardt Team is well aware that proper education must not limit itself to completing the syllabus and acquiring a degree alone. Instead, it should aim for the holistic development of an individual into a meaningful human resource in the coming days. Our values believe that each learner possesses a unique combination of multiple intelligence and qualities that differ in learning styles. Team BernHardt continuously explores and accepts the considerable possibility for each individual with student-centred, proactive, supportive and participative learning approaches.

BernHardt implies resoluteness of spirit, to exert oneself   determinedly or to forge ahead! A quality we expect all our students to possess.

The school is at Balkhu chowk – in a quiet and ideal setting, far from the hustle and bustle of the town. BernHardt school is fortunate enough to enjoy the full support and patronage of well known educationists,  parents, well-wishers and students from its inception based on its own way of fulfilling the students’ learning aspirations. BernHardt seriously concerns with the right environment for the delicate buds of today, helping them turn into blooming flowers, disciplined and civilized citizen, well-mannered and successful personalities – overall a person with a difference!

 Our Values
We value individual talent and make our students realize their inborn potential. With Vivekananda we say, “We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellectual is expanded by which one can stand on its own feet”. Based on this noble thought, we aim to help students to

  • 📖 think critically
  • 📖 communicate effectively
  • 📖 use knowledge creatively

The institution has always believed in imparting the core values of humanity in the gem you give to us and bear the name of Kathmandu BernHardt. The time spent here will help your child to learn

  • 📖 Commitment
  • 📖 Innovation
  • 📖 Determination
  • 📖 Focus
  • 📖 Team work
  • 📖 Integrity
  • 📖 Respect
  • 📖 Excellence

Our Approach
School is emphasizing its total effort to develop its classroom activities and child-centred teaching methodologies as far as possible where children would learn with fun without any fear. We offer practical platforms for applying the knowledge acquired in the classrooms. Our evaluation is based on the classroom activities, assignments, project works, attendance, class work, unit tests, club activities and the term examinations. The school adopts grade codes to indicate the performance level and reflect the learning outcomes in the specific subject and area. School always looks forward to working in collaboration for our children’s further development and growth with the continual support and cooperation of parents and guardians.

📖 Parent-Teacher Hand-in-Hand
The school believes that the parenting role is essential in shaping the child’s behaviour and development besides the continual effort of the school. Active involvement and ongoing communication of parents are imperative to ensure the success of young learners. We appreciate involvement, enquiry and comments of parents, which are helping us grow further. We humbly request our parents to endorse student’s work regularly. In the same line, active presence at the Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) helps both of us to take necessary step for the overall and natural growth of our blooming buds.

📖 Fun and Learn Hand-in-Hand
“All work and no play makes jack a dull boy !” We are the responsible trustees for the overall development of the millennials. We, at BernHardt, understand the importance of fun while learning and therefore offer a diverse pool of cultural, physical, traditional, patriotic, social awareness and zonal activities. Afterall a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

📖 Child Safety
Keeping the contemporary scenario in mind, we have taken strict mesures of child safety including restricted entry of outsiders into school premises, 24×7 CCTV surveillance, ensuring the presence of female attendants in the junior classes providing your ward a secure and healthy environment to grow. Moreover, our school adopts a no-touch policy.

Programs at BernHardt
📖 Pre-primary grades- PG, Nursery, Lower and upper kindergarten

📖 Grades 1 to 10
📖 Grades XI & XII (Science, Management & Humanities)

Few Features
📖 A limited number of students in each class
📖 A resourceful & well-stocked library
📖 A mini conference room with multimedia projector for the project work presentations
📖 Fully equipped science laboratories
📖 Separate computer laboratories for juniors and seniors
📖 Spacious playground consisting of Basketball, Table tennis, Badminton and Futsal
📖 Cafeteria with hygienic and tasteful foods
📖 Transport facility for the needy one
📖 Music (Guitar, Piano, Madal & Flute) & Dance; Art & Craft as well as Martial Arts trainings
📖 Excursions and field trips for experiential learning
📖 Ample outdoor sports activities for all levels throughout the year
📖 Parent-Teacher Conferences (PTC) for the constructive interactions
📖 Science exhibitions and cultural celebrations
📖 Audio-visual & regular presentation classes
📖 Quiz contests and other knowledge-based activities
📖 Leadership and personality development training
📖 Communicative and life skill classes
📖 Wide range of study opportunities from Pre-primary to Masters level under the same roof
📖 Strict adherence to discipline, punctuality and proper attire
📖 Qualified and experienced team of educators
📖 Student focused teaching pedagogy and multicultural co-education system
📖 Classroom with single sitting arrangement along with a mini classroom library with CCTV surveillance
📖 State-of-Art-Building

Pre-primary Education & Care
BernHardt School is smoothly running Pre-primary classes, notably Playgroup, Nursery, Lower Kindergarten (LKG) and Upper Kindergarten (UKG). Children aged 2-5 years can enjoy their precious time in these classes. The school helps develop the child’s socio-emotional, cognitive, creative and physical aspects in these sessions. The school believes that each child is unique to the family and society and incomparable to one another regarding individual quality. We accept the vast possibility which could serve as the potential workforce in the future to which the entire nation can feel proud. Therefore, the school looks after every teaching tool and incorporates a child-friendly environment and teaching method, including curriculum to nurture and explore those innate potentialities.